Tilay Patwala

From mechanical engineer to a sandwich engineer.

Tilay Patwala used to enjoy Subway® each day for lunch while he was working as a maintenance engineer, before he got to wondering – how difficult can it be to make sandwiches?

“I used to talk to Sandwich Artists and they challenged me to make a sub at home and see if it tastes exactly the same as it does at Subway. I decided to make a sub at home but it didn’t taste very good. That’s when I realized that they were right – they were Sandwich Artists. The subs that they make are fantastic. That’s why I decided to open a Subway restaurant.”

Tilay said choosing a franchise that had support in place to help him succeed was important.

“I didn’t have any business experience, but I knew Subway had proven systems in place. You can’t go wrong – Subway will always work for you if you follow the processes.”

Tilay says that out of everything involved in running the business, it is the opportunity to speak to his guests that he enjoys the most.

“Seeing a guests’ face light up with the sub you’re making for them, while you’re having banter with them, makes me so happy. I believe you have to be passionate about what you do and I’m passionate about serving people.”