Aussie carrots from Aussie farms

Real fresh is sweet and juicy Australian carrots.

Subway® uses carrots grown in Queensland during the cooler months and Tasmania in the warmer months, so Subway® guests can enjoy crunchy and tasty shredded carrot that’s perfect for subs, salads and wraps all year round.

Carrots are one of the most popular vegetable options at Subway® and Queensland business, Story Fresh, supplies Subway® with Australia’s finest year-round to fill millions of subs sold in Australia every year.

To meet the demands of around 1350 restaurants around Australia, Story Fresh provides Subway® with approximately 364 tonnes of carrots per year.

To maintain optimum flavour and texture, carrots are sourced from multiple farms around Australia according to the season, grown to suit local conditions. During Australia’s summer months, Story Fresh supplies Subway® with carrots grown in Tasmania, where the milder conditions allow carrots to thrive, with the nutrients moving into the roots of the vegetable, making them sweeter in taste.

In winter, carrot production shifts to the Fassifern Valley of the Scenic Rim in South East Queensland, well-known for its ideal carrot growing conditions with fertile creek flats.

Geoffrey Story, Managing Director at Story Fresh, has seen significant growth in demand for Australian carrots. Having Subway® Australia as a long-standing business partner for the past 20 years has enabled Story Fresh to support local growers all around Australia to meet that demand.

We work directly with dedicated famers to ensure the shredded carrots are crunchy, fresh and bright in colour.

When Subway guests request carrots, they know the carrot is lovingly grown by Aussie farmers in Queensland and Tasmania. The carrot goes from farms to the Story Fresh facility for shredding, processing, washing and packing then it’s kept at two degrees and transported via fridge truck to Subway restaurants. The time between harvest to being served up on subs is approximately four days. Now that is farm fresh.

Next time you ask for carrots atop your sub, salad or wrap, you know you’re supporting local farmers in Queensland and Tasmania.