Sarah Platten

From working in the community to working for the community.

Giving back to her local community has always been important to Subway® franchise owner Sarah Platten.

“What makes us different as a business, is that we become parts of the communities that surround us. We can use our business to raise donations and profile for charity, and really give back. This is really important to me, especially because they need our help.”

Each Subway® restaurant is run in the community, by members of the community.

“As much as we are a multi-national, we really are local and we’re very much a family. I also know that the other franchise owners around me are all part of a community where we can support each other – and that’s something I wanted to be part of,” she said.

Sarah also recommends Subway as a great career to achieve work-life balance.

“Having a partner who is outside of Subway, doing his own career, we’re still able to balance everything together – our work schedules and still having that quality time together,” she said.