Mohammad Shamim

From $40 in his pocket to a booming restaurant empire.

Some might call it a ‘rags to riches,’ story but Mohammad Shamim prefers to look at it differently.

“I came from Bangladesh on a scholarship to study a masters of accounting and finance, with just a few dollars to my name. To keep myself busy, I was looking for part time work until a friend of mine suggested I contact my local Subway,” said Shamim.

After working in his local restaurant, Shamim knew that running his own restaurant is what he wanted for his future.

“In 2011, my wife and I opened our first Subway restaurant. We had been saving for approximately four and a half years, and there’s no better – or intimidating – feeling of opening your own restaurant doors for the first time.”

Within just a few years, Shamim owned several Subway® franchises before expanding his empire. Now, nine years later, Shamim knows a thing or two about hard work. Today, he proudly owns 19 Subway® restaurants and employs more than 250 people across his restaurants.

“Subway is a business model that keeps me challenged – you are part of a unique family that supports and empowers one another. It’s why I now have my eyes firmly set on acquiring 30 Subway restaurants in the future and helping my teams grow sustainable, fresh careers,” Shamim.