Luke Anderson

From building other people’s businesses to building his own future.

After years of working long hours for other businesses, Luke wanted to work for himself and have full control over his career.

“I had so many years of working that I wanted to put all my learnings into action and take a chance on myself. A friend was a field consultant with Subway and suggested I buy one. I knew I could run a successful business, and I was ready to take the chance with Subway,” said Luke.

When Luke bought his first Subway restaurant in 2004, it exceeded his expectations. He quickly bought a second restaurant for his wife to operate and before long this grew to six restaurants.

“I love the flexibility that owning a Subway restaurant provides. I’m not the type of person who can sit behind a desk, I need to be active and talk to team members and customers. I enjoy being out on the road between the restaurants. I just turned 40 years old and I was 24 years when I started. Subway has been good for my family and set us up financially. We’ve never looked back.”

The combination of running restaurants and business management was the perfect fit for Luke. “I’m also part of the franchisee-owned Independent Purchasing Company board, allowing me to contribute ideas about the food quality, product ideas and services used by my restaurant. Through this, I ensure that our products are the best tasting, highest quality and delivered for a great price,” said Luke.