Vegans have it (freshly) made

Real fresh is aromatic Smashed Falafel.

High-quality chickpeas are combined with a special mix of spices to make mouth-watering falafel

Subway® is serving up more vegan and vegetarian options, with a new vegan falafel, to cater to the growing number of Australians choosing meat-free diets.

Subway® worked with Leader Products, to develop and produce a new high-protein, meat-free menu option – the result is a tasty Mediterranean-style falafel!

With the number of vegans and vegetarians growing, plant-based food is now a leading food trend across Australia and the world.

Just as Aussies’ lifestyles are evolving, so too is the Subway® menu and our Smashed Falafel is the perfect addition to our fresh and nutritious salads, wraps or subs!

Whitney Peterson, from Leader Products, said the company had developed the falafel specifically for Subway® guests.

Each falafel is produced using high-quality, fresh chickpeas and fresh spices, to produce the authentic taste.

Subway®’s aromatic falafel is made from chickpeas and features an authentic Mediterranean spice blend with notes of coriander, cumin, red pepper and chilli that are delicious when served hot on subs, salads or wraps.