FAQs – Sandwich Artists

Sandwich Artists’ questions answered.

Am I a Subway® employee?

Each of our Subway® restaurants are small businesses, owned and operated by local franchise owners who employ Sandwich Artists™. Collectively, franchise owners employ over 10,000 Sandwich ArtistsTM nationally. Everyone working in a restaurant is entitled to fair pay and conditions and we work with franchise owners to uphold Subway® standards and expectations.

How do I know I am being paid correctly?

The first step to identify if you’re being paid correctly is to confirm your employment agreement with your employer. Some Sandwich ArtistsTM will be paid according to the Fast Food Industry Award 2010, while others will be employed under enterprise agreements.

Your employment agreement should detail your salary or pay rates, as well as overtime, leave and other entitlements. Once you have confirmed these details use these to review your pay slip and check if you’re being paid correctly.

We are also here to help and can be contacted on the Subway® Workplace Hotline: 1800 531 949. The Fair Work Ombudsman’s website also has many tools and resources to assist you in understanding your entitlements.

What can I do if I think I am being underpaid?

Subway® does not tolerate franchise owners deliberately underpaying their workers. If you believe you’re not being paid correctly, we’re here to help. Call us on the Subway® Workplace Hotline: 1800 531 949.

The Fair Work Ombudsman can also help with information and advice about your workplace rights and obligations. For more information visit www.fairwork.gov.au or call 13 13 94.

Why am I getting paid less than my fellow employees?

Your age, employment type and agreement are all relevant to your pay rate. It is important to cross-check your pay against your employment agreement to determine what you’re entitled to be paid.

Am I entitled to be paid overtime?

Overtime entitlements vary according to your employment agreement and not all workers are eligible for overtime. Refer to your employment agreement for the details about your overtime entitlements.

We can also help you understand your entitlements. Contact us on the Subway® Workplace Hotline: 1800 531 949 for assistance.

Am I entitled to sick leave?

If you are unwell and work on a full-time or part-time basis, you are entitled to take paid sick leave allowances under the National Employment Standards.

Paid sick leave does not generally apply to casual employees under the National Employment Standards. For more information, please visit the Fair Work website.

You may be required to provide documents to your employer or restaurant manager, such as a medical certificate. Consult your employment agreement, restaurant policies and procedures and ask your employer or manager for details.

When should I get a pay rise?

If you’re paid under the Fast Food Industry Award, you will receive an annual increase, in line with the 1 July national wage increase that is announced by the Fair Work Commission. Additionally, under the Fast Food Industry Award 2010, a junior worker will receive a rate of pay increase on each birthday until they reach the adult rate of pay.

If you’re concerned that you have not received a pay rise that you’re entitled to, please call us on the Subway® Workplace Hotline: 1800 531 949, so that we can make enquiries on your behalf.

If I have any concerns, can I report them anonymously to Subway?

Yes, you can report your concerns anonymously, or with your details, by calling us on the Subway® Workplace Hotline: 1800 531 949.