FAQs – Franchisees

How do I make sure I am paying my workers correctly? All Subway® franchise owners in Australia are required to complete quarterly record reviews of their payroll and employment records,

How do I make sure I am paying my workers correctly?

All Subway® franchise owners in Australia are required to complete quarterly record reviews of their payroll and employment records, to check their workers are receiving correct rate of pay and entitlements.

Because we know that navigating employment agreements and entitlements can be complicated, especially for new business owners, a dedicated hotline for franchise owners is available to assist with specialist workplace advice. This service also provides fact sheets and guides to support franchise owners with the employment process.

What should I do if I find out one of my workers has not been paid correctly?If a franchise owner believes they have identified a wage payment discrepancy when conducting their regular employment reviews, it is important that any under-payment is rectified as soon as possible. It’s important to let the affected worker know about the discrepancy: how it occurred, when it will be rectified or what further information may be needed from the worker to be able to rectify.

We recommend seeking advice and assistance from the Subway® franchise owner hotline. It’s important to rectify how the discrepancy occurred and strengthen your workplace practices and processes for employment agreements, pay slips and entitlement payments to prevent any future discrepancies occurring.

How can I explain to my workers their rights and entitlements to ensure we all do the right thing?

All employers, including franchise owners, have an obligation to help their workers understand their rights and entitlements. Providing all new workers with a copy of their employment agreement and Fair Work Information Statement is a great start. We recommend franchise owners take the time to explain these documents to their workers and ask if they have any questions about their rate of pay, weekend penalty rates, basis of engagement, availability and rostering.

What are some of the common mistakes made by franchise owners when paying workers?

Mistakes can happen, even with the most committed and vigilant franchise owners. We actively encourage franchise owners to review key responsibilities, including:

  • Increasing wages for employees on the Award, in accordance with the national wage increase on 1 July each year.
  • Increasing junior employees’ rate of pay on their birthday.
  • Paying entitlements (where applicable) such as shift uniform allowances.
  • Paying penalty rates (where applicable) such as public holiday penalty rates and overtime penalty rates.
  • Rostering part-time and casual staff on for the minimum engagement hours.
  • Providing employees with required rest breaks and meal breaks.
  • Keeping accurate time records.
  • Including all relevant information on pay slips.

What is Subway® doing to market and advertise the brand?

Subway® is a global brand with a 30-year history in Australia and we recognise the importance of continuing to innovate and communicate with our guests.

Subway® undertakes ongoing marketing activity to promote the brand, and to help increase restaurant sales and franchise owner profitability. National marketing activities are endorsed by a national marketing advisory board and local marketing boards are responsible for state-based marketing activities. Franchise owners elect representatives to these boards, providing franchise owners with a say about how their marketing funds are spent.

What is Subway® doing to help keep my business profitable?

As with any business, continual innovation is required. Subway® has recently made improvements to help ensure Subway® remains competitive while helping to deliver increased potential profitability for franchise owners.

In Australia, all Subway® restaurants are franchised. Many restaurants are run by families and individual entrepreneurs. Our brand has a rich 50-year global history and more than 30 years of successful operations in Australia. When franchise owners join our brand, they are accessing this depth of experience, support and tools, as well as a proven business model.

What are some of the benefits of investing in a Subway® restaurant within a franchise system?

Subway® supports franchise owners at every step of the journey, from pre-purchase right through to the day-to-day management of restaurants.

There has been some talk in the media about costs going up for franchise owners. Is this correct?

Every business, regardless of the industry, faces the challenge of keeping costs down and Subway® is no different. We are focused on keeping any cost increases to a minimum and growing revenue for franchise owners.

Subway® is also a brand passionate not only about our people and our freshly prepared food, but also about building stronger communities. Both nationally and locally we work with charities and community organisations to give back and support those in need.

All businesses need to innovate and evolve to remain relevant for their customers. Similarly, Subway® has been making changes to meet the changing needs of our guests. We have been transforming our menu, launching new digital initiatives and updating our restaurants with a fresh new design, to improve our guest experience.

We know that improving the quality of our ingredients and offering new services and experiences to our guests like our new Subway® app, can come with some costs to franchise owners. However, changes are ultimately made to increase the profitability of our restaurants, for franchise owners.

A feature of the Subway® operating model is that franchise owners have an independent purchasing company which procures approved food, equipment and other services for Subway® restaurants at cost-effective prices. Unlike many other franchise systems, Subway® franchise owners are the members of this purchasing entity which is completely independent of Subway®. Franchise owners also elect their representatives to the board.

What can I do to help ensure I run my business efficiently and effectively to remain profitable?

One of the benefits of joining the proven Subway® franchise model is the industry-leading frameworks and support available. Subway® franchise owners have extensive training opportunities, information, guides and resources available at their fingertips to continually increase their knowledge, business practices and the operations of their restaurant. Our field teams also provide on-the-ground support and guidance.

How can I support community initiatives through my restaurant?

Australians support our brand every day of the year and we believe it’s important to give back when our community needs us most. For the past three years, we’ve help raise much-needed funds to fight food insecurity in our communities with the cost of more than 850,000 meals donated to help feed the hungry.

We have revitalised our menu to reflect the changing palates of Australians with a range of contemporary meal options including delicious grilled paninis, freshly-made salads, traditional and grilled wraps, as well as our iconic submarine sandwiches.

A range of new technology, including a mobile app, loyalty program and e-gifting platform is providing franchise owners access to new revenue streams. National third-party delivery partnerships are also providing restaurants with the chance to grow sales by appealing to the increasing number of guests who order-in from the home or office.

We also offer a dedicated program to support under-performing restaurants, which includes reviewing business activity, re-training on key operational procedures and providing business management support.

Many Subway® restaurants also support fantastic and worthy local causes, including sporting events and organisations, as well as charities and individuals.