Dallas Mulholland

From the construction industry to the sandwich industry and a family legacy.

For Subway® franchise owner, Dallas Mulholland, his business has been a family affair. After purchasing his first restaurant, it wasn’t long before his own daughters developed a taste for Subway® themselves.

Now, the business has become multi-generational, with daughters Shannon and Casey, working alongside their father as owners and carrying on the legacy.

“I started with just one restaurant and grew to eight restaurants – with the whole family involved. We lived, ate, breathed Subway. It started with Casey and Shannon helping in the restaurants and they’ve been involved ever since – now they help run the business.”

Casey Mulholland said that the most important thing she’s learned is that it takes a team to run the business. “You can own and run a restaurant, but you can’t do it on your own – it’s a team effort,” she said.

Dallas said that a family business develops through strong leadership. “I lead by example, I’m happy to roll up my sleeves and do any job, whether that be the dishes, wiping tables or cleaning up. It’s all important. If my team see me do that, I’m hoping they follow my lead,” he said.

For the Mulholland family, they are already looking to the future. “My son’s only two, but he does come to work with me sometimes. I’d like to think that one day he will come in and do the dishes – like I once did. If he wants a future in Subway, I’d love to teach him how to be a Subway franchise owner,” says Shannon Mulholland.

Dallas believes that Subway® is a family-friendly career option. “It’s a business that lends itself to families.”