Cohen Feher

From business student to business owner

One of Australia’s youngest Subway® franchise owners, Cohen Feher, has always been ambitious for success – but after studying at university for 18 months, he realized that his opportunity to succeed in business had been right in front of him, at Subway®.

“I had been working at Subway while studying business, but I wanted to become a franchise owner because I love the brand,” Cohen said. At just 20 Cohen purchased his first Subway® restaurant and now owns five across South Australia. In another five years he’d love to have 20 restaurants to his name.

Cohen attributes his success to constant communication with his team and with guests. “Communication with my staff and managers about how we’re giving the guests what they want and not wasting food, is critical. We always ask the guest if they’re happy with what they’re getting before we wrap up their sub.”

“I feel like I’ve been so successful in my ventures with Subway because I am in the restaurants working all the time alongside my staff – more than full-time! I can’t ever imagine myself not working in-restaurant or being involved in what I’ve grown.”