Charlotte Peace

From business management to business ownership.

Charlotte believes it was the superior food that attracted her to own her own Subway® restaurant, but it has been her love of people that has made her business a success.

“I was attracted to Subway initially because of the fresh food, I felt that it was a product I could be proud to serve and a successful brand that I wanted to be part of,” says Charlotte Peace, a franchise owner of ten years.

Across that time, Charlotte has learned a lot about what allows franchise owners to be successful and believes it all comes down to how guests experience their visit.

“Customer service is the end-to-end holistic experience, from when guests walk through the doors to when they walk out with their tasty sub, snack or drink.

“I look after my guests, in the same way I would if they visited my home. It’s all about the little things – knowing their name, their favourite sandwich, their go-to sauce, their kid’s names, and what time they clock off work. I really do treat each customer like they’re my family and I instil the same work ethic in my Sandwich Artist team.”