Happy hens mean tasty eggs

Real fresh is Cage Free poached eggs.

Our Cage Free poached eggs are laid by hens housed inside large barns, that are comfortable and protected from the elements.

Did you know the size of eggs depend on the age of the hen? Local Aussie business Sunny Queen does! Which is why they have teamed up with Subway® Australia to provide Cage Free eggs to restaurants across the nation.

Younger hens produce small eggs, while older hens produce larger eggs. The eggs used by Subway® restaurants are classified as ‘large eggs’, and are supplied within a specified size range to us – meaning guests can enjoy a consistent product, every time.

And while eggs vary in colour – brown hens produce brown-shelled eggs while white hens produce white-shelled eggs – all poached eggs supplied to Subway® restaurants in Australia are brown eggs, produced by brown feathered hens.

John O’Hara, Managing Director at Sunny Queen says that their Cage Free farms are independently audited to ensure they conform with the Animal Welfare code, along with their own stringent Cage Free Standards.

“Our hens move freely around large barns with plenty of natural light and fresh air, with fresh food and water at their feather-tips.”

The hens also are ensured light for a minimum of eight hours per day and minimum eight hours darkness at night, with barns climate controlled to keep the temperature below 33˚C at all times and inspected daily to ensure bird welfare.

“Sustainable sourcing is important to Subway”, says Ben Miles, Senior Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility at Subway® Australia – meaning the team work hard to ensure Subway® works with suppliers who share the same values.

“Our guests can rest assured that when they enjoy a poached egg on one of our Subs, the hen that laid the egg has a great quality of life.”