Tomat-oh so fresh and oh so delicious

Real fresh is 100% Australian tomatoes.

Local Echuca business, Kagome Australia, supplies us with the 1.5 million kilograms of marinara sauce needed for over 16.5 million subs sold in Australia every year.

Tomatoes grown in the fertile soils of Echuca, Victoria, form the basis of our famous marinara sauce used in our delicious Meatball, Pizza, and Chicken Parmigiana subs. Tomatoes previously came from the US, so the Australian appointment reflects our commitment to local sourcing–something Subway® Business Development Agent for North West Victoria, Theo Tsianakas, is excited about.

“It’s nice to know that one of our signature ingredients is grown just down the road from our local Echuca Subway® restaurant.”

Weather in the Echuca region is well-suited to tomato production due to the ready supply of sunny days, rainfall and water availability. These are ideal growing conditions resulting in a fresh Australian tomato taste in every tomato that Kagome produce – perfect for our delicious, rich marinara sauce.

Mitch Austin, Foodservices Sales Manager at Kagome Australia says having Subway® Australia as a partner marks a significant milestone for the local business, meaning more job security for their 250 workers.

“We are proud to supply our local Subway restaurant, and restaurants around the country, with marinara sauce made with tomatoes that are sustainably grown by farmers who live in Australia, and eat at Subway.”