a fresher way

Subway Eat Fresh® is more than just a marketing line, it’s our brand promise of a fresher way. It stands for a fresher way of looking at fast food; a fresher way of looking at value; a fresher way of thinking.

It all started with

a handshake.

Founder Fred DeLuca and Dr. Peter Buck

That’s right. Dr. Peter Buck and 17-year-old Fred DeLuca founded Subway® on a handshake deal and the vision of freshening up the fast-food industry.

In the sea of fatty fast-food restaurants, Subway®was goal was to be proudly different.

The formula was simple;
fresh food and fresh ideas.

Fresh ingredients

It brought the food preparation to the front, so you could see your favourite ingredients come together right before your very eyes

Our Sandwich Artist preparing a sub

It gave everyone control of their own food, everything you want, and nothing you don’t

Spicy Mayo Sub

It proved that fast food didn’t need to be fatty, with fresher, healthier, local ingredients from day one

Store staff gathered

It put the store owners in charge, with every franchisee being a full owner of their own business, it means fair working conditions for all Sandwich Artists™

All these philosophies are still in place today, so you still get fresh, fast-food wherever, wheneverand howeveryou want it.

welcome to

our fresher way